Branko Isakovich & Divine Sound
m u s i cm f o r mh e a l i n g ma n d mm e d i t a t i o n


‘What is wonderful about music is that it helps us concentrate or meditate independently of thought - and therefore music seems to be the bridge over the gulf between form and the formless'

Hazrat Inyat Khan - sufi master, vina musician.

'Regular listening to music is soul food which helps us stay in good health'
Barbara Ann Brennan – healer

In the beginning, there was word-sound-vibration. From it sprouted all different things.

From the ancient times, music is something that has put people in touch with their inner most feelings. Different kinds of music evoke different emotions of an individual. As fun or in love , in times of war or through prayer, each energy center has its own type of music.

Sound can powerfully influence individual's aura field. It can wake up strongest impulses or provide the sense of freedom and separation from parents.
The healing influence music can have on our senses and body was always known to us. In moments of greatest sorrow, monks are encouraged to take hot baths and to listen gentle playing of an instrument. Music, as a "shortcut to God", has that rare ability to momentarily elevate the listener to an altered state of consciousness.

As a meditative technique, music can lower and maintain a low brain wave activity.
It can be used as background or introduction to meditation, because it succeeds in separating the listener from the outside world and easily bringing him in touch with his inner self.
Music awareness, awareness of listening is yet another way of entering the present moment.

Music is, for me, the expression of my entire being, means of self recognition, spiritual evolution, communication and discovering the divine in the self. That is my true meditation, prayer. But also a manner in which I can thank for one thing I was given long ago – my life.

Ambient, spiritual and meditative music is deep and calm; it never provokes and does not oppose. It brings true peace. It makes one truly able to express himself.

It gives freedom never felt in pop or rock music, which are fields dominated by ego.

It is not encumbered with knowledge, ignorance, production, sound, experience, modern technology, labels, styles, climates, music heroes and greatness, economical value.

This kind of music contains deep respect, compassion, maturity, depth, focus as well as discipline, perseverance, dedication, courage in listening to the intuitive, freedom in expression. Sorrow for the transient but also the joy of self. In one word – love.

Divine music is inside of us all the time. It is only pity that we can rarely hear it from the noise of our own mind.

“Today, music must increasingly strive to overcome the field of pure, naive fun, and reach the highest level of spirit. Then it will be the breath of awareness. A manifestation of deepest intuition.”

Patrick Bernhardt "The Secret Music of the Soul"

The healing is accomplished in between two notes, during a pause. You must let space settle in. If you do so, then you transcend and experience peace which is of healing nature. The fundamental ingredient needed for good health is good rest. Activity evolves from inactivity. The foundation of sound is silence. Peace is the basis of good health. Divine sound is Divine silence”

Paul Horn

‘The basis of sound is silence. Stillness is basic to health'.

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