Branko Isakovich & Divine Sound
m u s i cm f o r mh e a l i n g ma n d mm e d i t a t i o n
Branko Isakovic musician, producer, arranger and bass player.
Has been in pop & rock music since 1977. In mid-nineties his interests turn towards ambient, spiritual & ethno music and he begins work on The Divine Sound Project. The ambition of this project is to reach and touch peoples hearts, to help connect with the endless within ourselves.
Order of Love is his first CD of ambient music

CD Order of Love was created as music background for spoken word meditations by Vlado Ilic as part of family system therapy, following Dr Bert Hellinger's method.


The CD contains five meditative compositions enriched by the voice of Marija Mihajlovic and native flute played by Milinko Ivanovic. The songs are titled: Here & Now, You Were Never Alone, Source of Life, Invitation, Farewell & Forgiveness.
Flat, long notes, as if to reflect light, are intertwined by guitar, flute and voice sounds which calm the aura field and spiritually elevate .
The music on Order of Love supplies energy support for any kind of meditation and psychology workshops and easily introduces the state of healing and relaxation.

Thanks to the infinite wisdom within us.

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