Branko Isakovich & Divine Sound
m u s i cm f o r mh e a l i n g ma n d mm e d i t a t i o n

I seldom think of the past, it'has no importance to me'.
Eckhart Tolle

Branko Isakovic was born in 1958.
He started playing bass guitar professionally in 1977.
Since then, he has played with a number of most celebrated Yugoslav rock and pop bands, covering a range of different music styles from R'n'R, R&B, funk, through new wave, pop, and mainstream rock. Behind him are some 10 lps and cds.

However, his interests didn't stop at that. A rising feeling that there was more inside of him waiting to find proper artistic expression never ceased.
Nineties were the years of civil war in his home country and everything around him seemed to fall apart. That turned out to be a perfect moment for him to discover spirituality as means of self-realization (a chance for him to embark on a personal spiritual journey)
1994 was a year of great travels. He visited Prague, the city of occult, and India, the source of eastern culture. The further he traveled inwards, the more music became something serious for him and less simply fun. He discovered its healing power. At that time he was greatly influenced by works of Peter Gabriel and his Real World Music editions
In 1996 a computer entered his life, and he became fascinated by hard disc recording.
It was then that he joined forces with one of the most talented composers in his home country, Ljuba Ninkovic. Together in their studio, the two made music for numerous theater shows, radio and TV commercials, short movies.

In 1999, both artists joined one of the best ethno music singers in the Balkan, BIlja Krstic . The result was a CD - Bistrik, which met considerable success. Soon they also formed Bistrik Orchestra, which has so far had more than 150 concerts around the world. They performed in Brazil, Russia, France, Italy, Greece...
Parallel to this success, with his spiritual brother and seeker, Ivica Stojanovic, after pilgrimage to Mount Athos in 2001, he started another ethno project - TeodulIja . They soon recorded CD Ancient Tales'. The CD provided him with further freedom to express love to God through blending of spiritual, ethno and pop music.

In 2003 the creative team Bilja & Bistrik Orchestra recorded part of the music score for the most widely viewed Serbian movie of all time - Zona Zamfirova .

In spring 2005 he collaborated with Dragan Ristic and Roma band Kal on their CD which will be out this winter, published by Asphalt Tango from Berlin .

In April 2005, as part of his project Divine Sound, Branko published CD "Order of Love" focusing on music for meditation.

His music influences are Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Vangelis, Dead Can Dance, Omar Faruk Tekbilek...

Today, Branko spends his time playing, programming, composing, arranging and recording ethno, spiritual, ambient and meditative music.

He plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar.

He lives in Belgrade and works in his own home recording studio.

Order of Love is his debut ambient CD.
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